Taking a lean approach.

Our principles aim to minimise waste and maximise value through continuous improvement and the elimination of non-value-adding activities.

Optimised processes and enhanced communication.

Recognising the expertise and contribution of all team members empowers them to make decisions and improve processes. By fostering a culture of trust, collaboration, and open communication, we aim to streamline workflows and reduce variability without losing flexibility.

Our Construction Principles

Identify Value  |  Value Stream Mapping  |   Eliminate Waste  |  Continuous Improvement  |  Pull Planning  |  Last Planner System  |  Just-in-Time (JiT)  |  Respect for People  |  Standardisation

A team of trusted experts.

Our experienced team at Calder Group have proven capability of delivering construction excellence.

Combining technical expertise, project management skills, and industry knowledge with effective communication, collaboration, and teamwork ensure successful project delivery, every time.

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