Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds
Ice Cover Building

Pisa Mountain range

Project Overview

The Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds ice cover building is an impressive project due to the size of the structure, which stands at 160m long and 35m wide, and its location at 1600m above sea level.

The site can only be accessed by a steep and technically challenging ski field road, which the Calder team successfully navigated all materials up, including large steel trusses for the build.

We were responsible for all facets of the project from design, resource and building consent, and architectural drawings through to construction, showcasing our ability to drive a build from concept through to completion, on time and in budget.

Project Stats

The ice cover stands 160m long with a clearspan of 35m wide. The building is used by international car brands and tyre manufacturers for research and development purposes. The environment inside the building can be changed to test various driving situations. Calder was also commissioned to design and build over 25 separate buildings for workshops and offices in the surrounding testing area.

Project Team

The Calder team for this project was made up of 20 experts including architects and steel fabricators, engineers, drivers and builders.


Structural steel, COLORSTEEL iron roof.

Project Duration

Nine months

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