Design Management

Quality. Speed. Transparency. Value.

Our team’s deep knowledge of construction materials and methodology offers the benefit of a ‘whole-of-project’ perspective from the outset, ensuring a cohesive, collaborative and enjoyable client experience, working closely with you to develop a clear brief of your requirements.

Our engineers and BIM managers intimately understand the design process and work to bring all parties on to the same side of the table.

Buildability, programme and cost control.

By interfacing closely with internal estimating and construction teams, we have the ability to bring the relevant knowledge into the design process at the right time.

Understanding the construction methodology allows the development of closely integrated design and construction programmes, more accurately controlled costs, and improved outcomes once the building is being constructed.

Design quality and coordination.

Our in-house team of specialists work to support each other in undertaking specific discipline reviews to resolve any technical issues.

Leveraging our BIM capabilities facilitates collaboration among project stakeholders by providing a centralised platform for sharing project information and coordinating activities.

Authority approvals and compliance.

Our team keep up to speed with the latest government and local council regulations and map a pathway through the relevant compliance requirements.

Need for peer reviews will be identified early and the process will be managed in a collaborative manner for successful project outcomes.

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