Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)

Transparency and collaboration.

Create additional value and drive overall project costs down with ECI. ECI offers numerous benefits, including cost savings, risk mitigation, improved project outcomes, and enhanced stakeholder collaboration.

By engaging with us early in the project lifecycle, clients can capitalise on our expertise and experience to deliver successful construction projects.


Is ECI right for your next project?

ECI contracts are becoming a popular model to provide a collaborative approach to complex or highrisk projects. ECI provides a collaborative team time to gain an early understanding of the contract and design requirements to enable value engineering.

Our team has been involved in many ECI contracts providing extensive experience in creating true value at this critical stage.

In assessing whether ECI is right for your next project, key questions to ask include:


– Is it a significant project?

– Is the project scope still to be finalised? 

– Are final stakeholder and consent requirements uncertain?

– Are there budget constraints?

– Is the project in the early stages of design?

– Are social and sustainability outcomes important?

– Is it a technically challenging project?

– Are there programme pressures?

– Are there significant risks that need to be understood, valued, and mitigated?


If you answer yes to most questions, we recommend you consider using the ECI model. 

Talk to us about your next project.